About Connecticut Retina Consultants

Welcome to Connecticut Retina Consultants

Established in 1990, Connecticut Retina Consultants is the leading and most accomplished ophthalmology practice in Connecticut, serving patients at locations in New Haven, Hamden, Madison, Trumbull, and Fairfield, Connecticut. The team offers comprehensive care of medical and surgical retinal diseases like diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, floaters and flashes, macular degeneration, macular pucker, retinal detachment, retinal tears, and uveitis.

The team at Connecticut Retina Consultants helps patients feel completely at ease and comfortable with their conservative and consultative approach. Since patients are required to have a referral, they can expect a highly skilled specialist and a superior level of personalized and professional care catered to the patient’s needs.

All specialists at the practice have innovative knowledge to treat complex retinal problems using state-of-the-art equipment and materials. Connecticut Retina Consultants stands at the leading edge of retinal and uveitis care with top-notch vitreoretinal surgeons.

At Connecticut Retina Consultants, patients have access to in-office services that allow rapid diagnosis. In many cases, treatments or surgical procedures can also be performed in the office. For more intensive procedures, patients receive outpatient care in a medical facility or a hospital. 

Connecticut Retina Consultants offers the highest level of professional care in five convenient locations, making the practice a solid choice for patients. Call today to learn more about the top-tier care available at Connecticut Retina Consultants.