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A retinal detachment is a medical emergency and can lead to vision loss in the affected eye. At Connecticut Retina Consultants, with locations in New Haven, Hamden, Madison, Trumbull, and Fairfield, Connecticut, the expert ophthalmologists provide evaluation and treatment if you suspect retinal detachment. Call the nearest location to get treatment as soon as you suspect this condition.

Retinal Detachment Q & A

What is a retinal detachment?

When the nerve tissue of the retina separates from the wall of the eye, it’s known as a retinal detachment. This separation means the cells of the nerve don’t get nourishment, so they deteriorate and die — leading to a loss of vision.

The most common type of retinal detachment is called rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. Rhegmatogenous retinal detachments occur when fluid from the vitreous cavity flows through a retinal tear and slips underneath the retina, thus raising it up off the wall of the eye.

Who is at risk of retinal detachment?

Retinal detachment is more likely to occur under the following:

  • Severe myopia
  • Diabetes
  • Complicated cataract surgery
  • Trauma to the eye

If you experience the early symptoms of a detached retina, consult the team at Connecticut Retina Consultants immediately. Early treatment is essential as you’re more likely to prevent vision loss.

What are the symptoms of retinal detachment?

You first notice retinal detachment as floaters and flashes. As the detachment progresses, you may see a dark, opaque moon-like shadow fall on one side of your vision. This shadow may actually wave slightly — it’s the detached retina tissue floating in the vitreous cavity.

Retinal detachments less than a week old have a better chance of being resolved than older detachments, so as soon as you notice any possible symptoms, see the team at Connecticut Retina Consultants.

How is a retinal detachment treated?

With modern surgical techniques, over 90% of all retinal detachments can be successfully repaired. The doctors at Connecticut Retina Consultants use the most current methods of retinal detachment repair that can be done on an outpatient basis and sometimes even in the office.

The intention of retinal repair is to get rid of the fluid underneath the retina and allow it to lie flat on the concave contour of the wall of the eye. Several surgical techniques are available. The doctors at Connecticut Retina Consultants determine which one is best for your specific case. 

If you have symptoms that suggest a detached retina, call the Connecticut Retina Consultants location nearest you right away for an appointment. Prompt treatment is the best way to preserve your vision.