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Welcome to Connecticut Retina Consultants

Established in 1990, Connecticut Retina Consultants offers comprehensive care of medical and surgical retinal diseases, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, retinal venous occlusive disease and uveitis.  Our doctors are all expertly trained to treat these complex retinal problems.  The first group in Connecticut to perform complex retinal operations including macular hole surgery and pneumatic retinopexy, our doctors continue to be the most accomplished vitreo-retinal surgeons, at the leading edge of retinal and uveitis care. Convenient in-office laser, ultrasound, fluorescein angiography, and ocular coherence tomography (OCT) services allow rapid diagnosis and treatment.  Many surgical procedures can be performed in the office as well.  For more complicated procedures, outpatient, local anesthesia is used.  Available for consultation and second opinions, we have convenient locations in New Haven, Bridgeport, Hamden, Madison, and Norwalk.

On the day or your appointment, please bring the following with you:

Your eyes will be fully dilated to ensure a thorough retinal exam, and may remain dilated for several hours afterward.  For safety, we recommend that someone drive you home from each visit.

You can download a copy of the New Patient Packet which includes Welcome Message, Medical History Form, Patient Registration Form, office policies, and directions to our offices.
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